Size Guide

PENDANT SIZES A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a picture doesn't always accurately communicate the size of a piece. I try to display the accurate size in the photos, but sometimes items may seem larger or smaller than they really are.  Below are some tips to help you determine accurate size. 

  • I include measurements in all of the listings in both inches and millimeters.
  • However just imagining the measurement is not always helpful.
  • You will have a better idea of the actual size of the pendant if you refer to a ruler or measuring tape.
  • For an even more accurate assessment of size, mark a sheet of paper to the measurements of the pendant and cut the shape out of the paper to size. 
  • Hold the cut-out up to your neck where you would like the piece to rest for the best view of how your pendant will look when wearing it (chain length guide below). 
  • If the description says a piece is TINY please be sure to at least look at a ruler and better yet, cut a piece of paper to the measurement indicated in the listing.
  • Please contact me if you have questions about the size of a piece prior to ordering. 

NECKLACE CHAIN LENGTH MEASUREMENTS  It can be difficult to decide on chain lengths, so here are a few tips to help you determine the right length for you. There is also a chart below depicting various chain lengths as they may generally appear on different body types if you are not able to measure in person.

  • Easiest method: Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the length of a chain you already have and like the length of. Select chain length based on that.
  • Flexible measuring tape method: wrap tape around your neck and make note of a comfortable fit.
  • String method: take a piece of yarn or string and wrap it around your neck. Make note of a comfortable fit, then lay the string next to a ruler.
  • See chart below for general chain lengths based on body type. Always round up to the next size if you are unsure of the fit.
  • If you misjudge, chains may be exchanged. If chain part of the piece or is not removable, the piece may be shipped back for adjustments. 
  • Please note that most of my chains appear delicate, but they are actually sterling silver (unless noted otherwise) and quite sturdy. 


  • Measure your wrist with a measuring tape, string or a strip of paper at the spot you'd like to wear it.
  • For a snug fit add 1/4" to 1/2", for a looser fit add 3/4" to 1".- please check this with your string or tape measure. 
  • If you need a different length, then offered, please let me know the measurement, I can make it in the size you'd like.
MORE QUESTIONS? Please contact me prior to ordering.I will be glad to help you choose the right pendant size, chain length, bracelet or ring size. Cheers! Sue