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People have been adorning themselves since the beginning of time for decoration but jewelry is often much more than just a pretty bauble. The ancient Egyptians seemed to have a great appreciation for things of this world and for the after life. It was important to select the right pieces for the journey. 

Have you noticed that jewelry, more than anything else we wear, is an outward expression of what is most important to us? Much like the ancient Egyptians, what we choose to wear matters. 

Jewelry may be a token of love, memento mori as a rememberence for someone who has died. Jewelry is often worn for good luck and protection. The piece may signify affinity for something such as a spirit animal or to remind the wearer of a special memory or event. 

I make a lot of animal jewelry that is significant to the wearer perhaps because it represents their pet or spirit animal. Other pieces are symbolically important. Some are just cute! Whatever the reason, rarely do we put on jewelry randomly - jewerly  is a choice. 

Then there are questions like: what is a Talisman? A talisman is an object, often a piece of jewelry, that is believed to hold properties that protect the possessor from harm and may also bring good luck.

And: what is an Amulet? An amulet is similar to a talisman in that it holds properties that protect the possessor from harm, either specific or general, as well as bring good things to the wearer. 

Well I am just getting started with this site and this blog - so please pardon my meandering ways. I will be getting back to it soon. In the meanwhile, please let me know why YOU wear the jewelry you do!  Cheers! Sue

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